We Dance To Tell The Tale

The Tale of Us

It happened roughly 3 years ago, when a bunch of friends of an online dancing game called On Air Online (OAO) Indonesia was sadly has to stopped playing the game because it was closed. We were yearning another fun dancing games to play again together. And one day. we heard about Nurien MStar. A new generation of a casual dance online game. We instantly loved it, and hopeful to be able to play it. Yet we are heartbroken since it’s kind of hard to get access to play. We waited, and then came the chance, a MStar server outside than Korea; Thailand.

At first only 2-3 people play. We tell our OAO friends to join the CBT of MStar Thailand. More friends joined to play, and it was fun. And since it was only us from Indonesia, we made a crew and proudly named it INDONESIA.

ScreenShots_ 2011-11-20 21-28-45-703

After the CBT, we have to make a new char and of course a new crew name since they’ve wiped out and erased all data in CBT. After much of consideration, brainstorming and the initial tought of making this crew; gather all Indonesian friends yet still welcoming our friends from other countries, we decided to use one name as our crew; URBANTALE.

So hence, UrbanTale was formed, with old friends from OAO, and new Indonesian friends, and non Indonesian buddies gathered all in this crew that started as just a small crew with closed friends. We often play together as a crew.

ScreenShots_ 2012-01-01 23-56-55-090

Years passed, members comes and goes, things happened, MStar Taiwan and Singapore was established.
Eventho active members are not as much as it used to, but we’re still here and the memory of our journey will always linger as a Tale.

Nurien 2012-04-30 20-42-44-78


Nurien 2012-04-30 20-51-37-76

Nurien 2012-05-05 23-46-58-24

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