We Dance To Tell The Tale

Member Hall of Fame

The name of Members who would leave a mark in UrbanTale long journey

1. GlamKun / Glam
Crew co-founder, 1st TH crew leader, presently inactive

2. DavidTan / David
Crew founder, our inspiring classic mode player who always want to play better and better, presently inactive

3. CometC / CometChan
Crew co-founder, our loving sis, always the one who initially make us always play together when online.
UrbanTale leader on SG Server, presently inactive

4. mayangfi
Crew co-founder, our dedicated operator, loyal crew manager and a strict officer.
UrbanTale (UT) leader on TW Server, presently inactive

5. chatfly
Crew co-founder, troller, avid player, crew’s group & blog manager.
UrbanTale (UT) leader on TH Server, presently active in MStar TW and sometimes at TH.

6. TensaiG
Crew’s classic genius, troller, short active time, but always remembered.

7. MamadG
Another neo classic genius.

8. mzyuli / putroe / bibibaja
Most loyal members, longest active player, high dedicated member, Queen of typo and lag.

9. sesuatu
Avid troller, great classic extreme player

10. YenZhu
The crew video maker and the cheerleader of the crew

11. Rando
Troller and an otaku, a fans of rapid, tricky arrows. 

12. D1O

*More to come
**If you know one of these peeps and wanna add some description, please comment :)

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