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Welcoming 2014 with an Awesome KPop Mix


I guess the picture already said it all :P
But yes, nevertheless Happy New Year to all of you!

No, in this post I won’t give details about update… Uhmm maybe I will, just a minor details, kay? I’ll try to sum it in one line-ish… :P

MStar Thai Music Collection is updated and they also added 20ish new song which some of it is not really ‘new’ and quite familiar, MStar TW update today give 2 new songs and like usual mall items and 1 on going event, while MStar Singapore update give 4 new songs, alot of mall items (when I said alot, its ALOT, like usual).
There! It’s quite short explanation eh? No? :/ Oh well *shrugs*
You can see links for update details on the bottom of this post :D

Neways, related to New Year and this game we love, which means also KPop, I wanna tell you a bit of a story before I give you what I intented to present. I love MStar, I love KPop, I love wasting my time surfing in YouTube to browse lots lots of KPop song (I know you do too ;D), and eventually Mixes and Mash Up. And since then, I found this superb DJ who specially mix and mash KPop songs; DJ Masa. I fell in love with his work, I even wanting to make an UrbanTale Crew vid with one of his work (which the project really haven’t been done till now :'( ). And then I also found SHIMMixes, who also make cool mixes from KPop songs. SHIMMixes still continously give new mix from time to time, while DJ Masa hasn’t been publish anything since 1 year ago, which is a shame :(

Buuuut this new year they make a surprise! :D
Is your speaker on? Did you listen to a awesome remix when you enter this blog! You like it? Good?!
I present you DJ Masa & SHIMMixes collabo on Hot KPop 2013, a mash up of 80 songs in one track that mixed nicely!

So here the video of the mix, for you enjoy your new year with in KPop style :)
Watching the vid instead of just listening the audio would be so much better!
So enjoy! And again, Happy New Year! Hope you have a splendid a whole of year ahead of you lovelies!


Links for details update;

For you who want to get to know DJ Masa & ShimMixes;
Follow DJ MASA: http://www.twitter.com/masamixes
Like DJ MASA: http://www.facebook.com/masamixes
Follow SHIMMixes: http://www.twitter.com/shimmixes
Like SHIMMixes: http://facebook.com/SHIMMixes

Girls Bring The Boys Out~

If you haven’t know, one of our member YenZhu looooooooovesss to record videos on MStar xD
And since we love to be a part of it xD lots of video already made,
One of it is this one, this was recorded last night

So here I present you, cute girls from UrbanTale (yes, one of it is my char, sssshhh! lol)
Doing The Boys dance moves~
And it looked fab!

Girls bring the boys out~

PS: Ohhh don’t forget, tomorrow is MStar Thai update, and Wednesday is for MStar Taiwan

Purple Party: Another Cool Video from dnxza001

Inget video keren yang mirip MV lagu, yang ku posting beberapa minggu lalu? Nah ini video lain dari pembuat video yang sama; dnxza001.
Dan mau tau ngga alasan ku taro video ini, selain pengaturannya yang keren? Soalnya semuanya serba UNGUUUUUUUUU!!!! :))

n.b. imotou paste seneng deh xD *towel mayangfi*

.        .        .        .        .

Remember the cool video that looks like an MV which I posted a couple weeks ago? Here’s another cool video from the same video maker; dnxza001.
And do you know the reason I posted the video aside it’s nice arrangements? Because its PURPLEEEEEEEEE PEOPLE! :))

p.s. Oh imouto would love this xD *pokes mayangfi*

.        .        .        .        .

. . .chatfly. . .

An MStar Love Story

Cinta ada di mana saja, meski dalam game ;p

Buktinya? Intip deh video keren, so sweet dan menarik ini dari Nguyen Eazy (eazy937)

Dia bikin video dari kumpulan video footage MStar nya tentang gimana dia ketemu dengan couple nya di MStar. Dengan narasi yang menarik, jadi pas nonton, kamu bisa ikutan ngerasain apa yang Nguyen coba ceritain dalam cerita di videonya. Ide videonya segar dan menarik menurut ku.

Nah sekali lagi monggo silahkan simak video ini yang bisa ngasih tau kita kalau kita bisa bikin video keren dengan MStar.
Enjoy ^^

.        .        .        .        . 

You can find love everywhere, even in a game ;p

Prove? Here’s a cool video from Nguyen Eazy (eazy937) that I found awesome, sweet, and interesting.

He manage to put up a video from his collection of mstar video footage to make a story how he met his couple on MStar. He made a really nice naration of it so when you watched the video you can drawn to the story it tells, which I think is a fresh and creative idea to put up to.

So here again I give you how you can make an interesting cool video with MStar.
Enjoy ^^

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MStar Be Mine-Infinite CoverDance


we have to make it too,.


. . .mayangfi. . .

Cool Creative Video

Ketemu video ini waktu ngintip postingan video di grup MStar International tetangga, dan wow, kerennya ni video.

Video gameplay MStar ini dibuat sama dnxza001 di youtube, dan keliatan kaya penampilan grup band di Video Musiknya. Jadi inget jaman main On Air Online dan sering bikin video kaya gitu.

Yang bikin video ini jadi keren adalah cara si pembuat video ngatur segalanya dengan rapih, bukan cuma kostum nya aja yang asik dan seragam, tapi juga gimana si pembuat video bisa ngatur siapa yang menang tiap round dan joged di depan :O

Urban Tale crew, mau bikin video seperti ini? :P

Nah sementara aku berkutat dengan kerjaan (iyeee di hari sabtu kerja ==”) biar buru buru kelar dan bisa nambahin postingan di blog hari ini D:, nikmatin videonya ^^

n.b.: Sepertinya si pembuat video ini di youtube udah lumayan banyak bikin video kaya gini, tapi agak kocak soalnya kebanyakan co dengan  celana pendek :))

.        .        .        .        .

Found this when I was browsing through a youtube link posted on MStar International group, and wow I’m impressed.

It’s a video gameplay of MStar made someone called dnxza001 on youtube, and it looked somehow really like a dance performance MV. Made me remember the times when I play On Air Online, when I used to record a video like it.

But what impress me is how the really calculate things out, I mean not only the costumes they wear which look kinda cool, but they also manage to  counts the sequence of which dancer who’s gonna win the round and dance in the front :O

So urbantale crew, want to make this kinda of video? :P

Meanwhile enjoy the video ^^ while I enslaved myself with work (yes on Saturday ==”), eager to finish it as soon as possible, and hopefully to be able post more on the blog today D:

p.s.: Seemed like the maker of the video on youtube has already made some of this kind of video, but kinda hilarious cuz mostly the players in the video is guys with boxers :))

.        .        .        .        .

Cool Video from InSeouL (feat. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO)

Thanks to Keke (Svenska) ketemu juga link video ciamik ini setelah group lama menghilang. Dibuat oleh InSeouL dengan editan yang keren, video ini dibuat sebagai teaser dari MStar (karena isinya ngasih liat asiknya maen MStar dan ngasih liat juga kalo beberapa gerakan di MStar memang sengaja disamakan dengan gerakan lagu di MV aslinya), dan diakhiri dengan sedikit “pameran” gameplay-nya InSeouL di lagu favoritnya, Party Rock Anthem :))

Video yang keren, dan berharap InSeouL mau juga bikinin crew video untuk UrbanTale dengan skill editannya yang asik (boleh dong ngarep dikit xD)


 .        .        .        .        .

Thanks to Keke (Svenska) finally I founded again this cool video links after the old group gone vanished. Made by InSeouL with his cool edit, this video were made as a teaser of MStar (cause it shows how fun MStar is and that some of MStar Dance moves were exactly the same moves with the song’s MV), and ends with InSeouL showing off his gameplay on his fave song, Party Rock Anthem :))

An awesome video, and by this I wish too he with his excellent editing skill would willing to make a video crew of UrbanTale (well it’s not a sin to wish for something isn’t it? xD)


 .        .        .        .        .