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UrbanTale on MStar Taiwan

As we know, MStar now available in various servers to play, if you don’t, the first MStar open playable was in Korea Server, followed by Thailand, then Turkey, and lastly Taiwan which was open about almost a month ago (you can see their official webpages in here).
There are rumors too that MStar would be available in SEA and Indonesian server in the future, but there’s no further official released about it yet.

Since from the beginning, UrbanTale made its solid community only in MStar Thailand. Why? It’s easy access to play.
Since it’s difficult to get authentication of a registered MStar Id in Korea server (and also its kinda illegal if you did get authenticated except if you borrowed someone login Id to play xD), when MStar Thailand with its “login via facebook” feature was released, people massively decided to play in MStar Thailand instead. That went along with us too the Indonesian community players. And when MStar Turkey was released, nobody bother to try it because of the language barrier. It needs extra effort to play in a game which displayed language that you can’t even read, so when another one that similar appears with the same level of language difficulty but only a little bit variation or difference, heck why leaving the comfortable environment.

But then, MStar Taiwan was released, a couple of people in the crew tried it, eventually I did too, just a couple of days ago.
At first I was kinda reluctant realizing the language interface which for me is more harder to deal with compared to thai and was hurting my eyes when I see it even more (I still think every word looks the same ._.), but when friends told me about its different feature, more great songs to play and more attractive items, I decided to try. And it wasn’t disappointing at all :D
So after that, it’s like a domino effect, some friends from the crew jump in too and then voila! We made our own UrbanTale Crew in MStar Taiwan.

But there’s one disappointing thing that I found while I was trying to make the crew.
The crew name was already taken!!!!!

We was kinda taken aback, no one in the group knew who the person is, I tried to add him as friend to talk about it, cuz I and the crew member who also play MStar Taiwan really want to use our crew name.
For me and our crew member and friends its not only a name, it’s already become our identity since we build it with so much effort and it is ours with our own solid community.
So yes, we’re still keep trying (9″o”)9

But then, we still need a crew since it would be more convinient so we could talk to each other in crew chat to help or just to chat like we did in MStar Thailand. We agreed to just make one for the time being at least.
So here I present you UrbanTale’s crew on MStar Taiwan: UT

It’s what we often called the crew in initials, so it’s just basically the same, just different words :p
And the members is also basically the same xD mostly Indonesian who often speaks Indonesian but also can speak English :)

So for friends or member of UT who play MStar Taiwan and want to join in, we welcome you, that goes for anyone of you who interested :)


How Come-Brown Eyed Girls (Dance Mode Star – UrbanTale Crew)

Dance Star Mode

Apra, YenZhu, Oyaji, mayangfi, Ucuf, Hanzunny

video by YenZhu

Life Changes, People Come and Go

Judul dari postingan ini udah cukup menggambarkan garis besarnya. Ada beberapa perubahan di dalam crew… Dan sedihnya beberapa member yang kita sayang keluar dari crew karena alasan pribadi, karena itu UrbanTale Forum, halaman tentang Cookie Shop dan English Patch sudah ditiadakan…

Memang perubahan kadang ngga nyaman, tapi tidak bisa dihindari dan pastinya untuk yang terbaik…

Jangan khawatir, UrbanTale akan tetap jalan dan memberikan kreasinya ^^

.          .          .          .          . 

Well the title said it all. And there’s been some changes in the crew…
Sadly some of our lovable members withdrawed from the crew for personal reason,  and for that the UrbanTale forum and Pages about Cookie Shop and English Patch is now unavailable…

Yes changes is uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s unavoidable and surely for the best…

So no worries, UrbanTale would keep going on, dance and tell the tale ^^

UrbanTale Colour Trend of Jan through April

Bulan february sudah identik dengan yang berwarna pink,.. tapi kali ini,.
David,.. Grimward,.. Kimberly,.. dan Glam punya ide unik untuk menjadikan warna emas,.. kuning,. orange,.. coklat keemasan/kekuningan sebagai trend warna bulan ini (atau sampai beberapa bulan kedepan),..
so,. enjoy,.. ^__^

.           .           .           .           .

February is already identical with the color Pink,.. but this time,. David,.. Grimward,.. Kimberly,.. and Glam has an unique idea to make gold,.. yellow,. orange,.. goldish brown/yellowish brown as this month color trend for UrbanTale (well at least a couple month or so)
Fashion is important in this crew,.. (as David said)
so,.  follow us to use this colour,..

. . .mayangfi. . .
edited  by . . .chatfly. .

A Surprising Video: UrbanTale’s VIP on The Moves

Found this video accidentally, recorded and uploaded by 4ir489 on Youtube. Dunno who that is, but I really thank that person for making it and give a lil surprise for me :P
Seemed it was recorded on the early days of the OBT, and the players looked familiar xD
Enjoy the performance of the master, early officers and S members of UrbanTale Crew <3

dominic, Adoria, SweEvy, & NKMTnoko on Infinite’s Be Mine

Yes, UrbanTale crew are not all Indonesian
And I love it when we get along and having fun together ^^
Presenting dominic (well he’s Indonesian xD), Adoria, SweEvy & NKMTnoko making their moves <3 with a nice video by khaell

The Big Family (kinda :D)

Semalem rame banget, tumben tumbenan banyak yang ol :o
Akhirnya kita sepakat untuk foto rame rame, 13 orang atur posisi di lobby, sampe mendadak terkenal LOL (ada yg nyamperin mau foto bareng, ngajak kenalan, ngajak couple-an, ada yg butuh couple ce thailand? LOL)

Meski kocak dan heboh, akhirnya dapet juga foto bersama yang bagus :))
Makasih buat semua yang udah ikutan dan mau repot motoin, kapan kapan lagi ya~ Dengan member yang lebih banyak lagi tentunya ;) kalo bisa xD
It was fun! ^^

.        .        .        .        .

Last night was out of the ordinary, lots of the crew members went online :o
So, we decided to make a crew SS, 13 people posing in the lobby, and we’re suddenly famous LOL (there are some peeps who wanna take SS with us too, saying hi, asking to become a couple, anyone need a thai girl for a couple? LOL)

Even tho it was hilariously frantic, but we manage to get a good shot :))
Thank youuuuuuuuuu for all members who were participating and willingly to take the SS, let’s do it another time, with more members of course ;) and if its doable xD
It was fun! ^^