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A Close Encounter

A close encounter with an E.T in MStar @@
Well he came in peace and with a handsome face…………… errr.. ┬áin a weird kind of way @@
Lucky you Evy! LOL

Things Got Hotter in The Bar

Seemed that the girls was having fun and SweEvy was enjoying herself xD

The Nooodelssss Girls

Nooodelssss Girls…they’re sooo yummy!! XDDDD
(quoted from SnowX/Salletta xD)

dominic, Adoria, SweEvy, & NKMTnoko on Infinite’s Be Mine

Yes, UrbanTale crew are not all Indonesian
And I love it when we get along and having fun together ^^
Presenting dominic (well he’s Indonesian xD), Adoria, SweEvy & NKMTnoko making their moves <3 with a nice video by khaell

Damn Its Crowded