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A Surprising Video: UrbanTale’s VIP on The Moves

Found this video accidentally, recorded and uploaded by 4ir489 on Youtube. Dunno who that is, but I really thank that person for making it and give a lil surprise for me :P
Seemed it was recorded on the early days of the OBT, and the players looked familiar xD
Enjoy the performance of the master, early officers and S members of UrbanTale Crew <3

Damn Its Crowded

Black and White After Party: Superstar/Backdancers Wannabe

Black & White After Party: Someone seems kinda stressed out

Black & White After Party Dance

The After Party

Abis pepotoan keluarga, ternyata masih banyak yang haus tampil dan banci eksis :))
Dan akhirnya kita pindah dan foto foto lagi, kaya lagi dugem sehabis pesta, gitu deh pokoknya LOL

.        .        .        .        .

After taking the crew “family shot”, seemed that there a few members who still want to be snapshotted :))
So finally we moved and take another SS, pretending we’re on the club on an after party, errr yeah… whatever LOL

Happy New Year 2012

Nothing much to say, only to make an SS of a bunch of peeps with pose is kinda tricky LOL
I just wished that more members were online and I don’t have limited time to make this u.u
Anyways, just wanting to wish you in advanced;