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No Update on MStar TH :( but Early Update News for MStar TW :D

This is quite a sad day for MStar TH players, unfortunately today,
the maintenance day, they didn’t give any updates like usual :(
this is kinda a shock, since this is the first time it happened like this O_O
But hopefully better update will come soon on the next update schedule :)
Keep playing and have fun ^^

Mean whileeeee… we got early info of the updates for MStar TW tomorrow :O
Includes the events (yes they got 7 of them with various and lots of prizes ^O^)

And this month theme of MStar TW is BIG BANG!

Yep, everything about our beloved no. 1 KPop Band BIG BANG

For more details go to the Official Events Info from Garena MStar Webpage:
Or check our thread of the event in English:
(oh you need to register to login to the forum ^^)

Yes our updates and event or quest guide will be in the forum now, so lets join :P

Meanwhile I give you the sneak preview video of this month theme,
and be sure to check out the real cover dance of Fantastic Baby in the video which is freekin awesome!

Cheers!!! ^^

MStar Tw Update for Sept 19, 2012: The Avengers in Gangnam Style

This time update on MStar Tw is; The Avengers in Gangnam Style :D

At this update they give us The Avengers clothes item and update on Gangnam Style real dance cover

Here’s the recap of today’s update:

– 3 new songs
– Update bug on Alone – Sistar
– New actions (Avengers actions & couple action)
– New Item on Shop (Avengers theme, etc.)
– Update real dance cover of Gangnam Style!!!
(but too bad no Gangnam Style dance action book to buy :P)
– MStar Moon Event
I havent figure out what’s the event is about, but I think its related on login activity, for details (in mandarin xD):

Plus there’s a discount of 50% for swimsuit items and nude shirt :3

If you wanna check the details of updates and events with screenshot, go to our update forum;
Yes, we are developing IndoMStar forum, and because of that, updates, technical probs in details will be mainly focused in there,
while this blog will only share a glimps info and more to light stuf about the game and UrbanTale
So if you need details info, we recommend you to visit the forum
And you are all welcome to join to the forum ^^

So for now, take a look of a preview video of today’s update,
its kinda funny seeing IronMan, Black Widow and Psy doing Gangnam Style together xD

Cheers!!! and Enjoy! :D