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Mini Gathering UrbanTale Crew @Bandung Indonesia

We are together,.. we are have fun,..

koko,.. mamadG,.. chatfly,.. mayangfi,.. rendi,.. jeanne,.. Glam… David,.. khaell

. . .mayangfi…

A Surprising Video: UrbanTale’s VIP on The Moves

Found this video accidentally, recorded and uploaded by 4ir489 on Youtube. Dunno who that is, but I really thank that person for making it and give a lil surprise for me :P
Seemed it was recorded on the early days of the OBT, and the players looked familiar xD
Enjoy the performance of the master, early officers and S members of UrbanTale Crew <3

Double Date

hot double date

Jarang banget bisa dapet kesempatan nge-date bareng oneechan n mamadG

jadilah kita mengabadikan moment manis ini,..

uhmmm ini termasuknya mesum berjamaah ga sih??

takut kena UU pornograpi deh,.  XDDDDD

. . .mayangfi. . .