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A Club Party at TH (with holiday Freebies)

Yesterday, MStar TH suspiciously gave an early small patch update to download.
And turned out, they gave a sneek peek of what’s to come in TH. If you guys have logging in yesterday and went to Mushroom Lounge, you will know what I mean :D


And that would be; SEXY CLUB PARTY event!

MStar TH will added a LED theme clothes item on today update patch they said, and with that you can get freebies in this event.
Wear the LED clothes on stage and you’ll get a random box with various reward :D
This event will start today at 02.00 PM and ends on 24th December on 09.00 PM TH time.
Cool LED clothes, in a cool different ambience on the lounge plus event freebies are pretty much exciting (>o<).


Oh in additional, since it’s near holiday, they also give some freebies on the Holiday Event :O
Just log in today, and you’ll get free clothes item!


So brace yourself for today update, and have fun on MStar TH tonight! :D


*screenshot’s property of Janz, thx Janz!