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Welcoming 2014 with an Awesome KPop Mix


I guess the picture already said it all :P
But yes, nevertheless Happy New Year to all of you!

No, in this post I won’t give details about update… Uhmm maybe I will, just a minor details, kay? I’ll try to sum it in one line-ish… :P

MStar Thai Music Collection is updated and they also added 20ish new song which some of it is not really ‘new’ and quite familiar, MStar TW update today give 2 new songs and like usual mall items and 1 on going event, while MStar Singapore update give 4 new songs, alot of mall items (when I said alot, its ALOT, like usual).
There! It’s quite short explanation eh? No? :/ Oh well *shrugs*
You can see links for update details on the bottom of this post :D

Neways, related to New Year and this game we love, which means also KPop, I wanna tell you a bit of a story before I give you what I intented to present. I love MStar, I love KPop, I love wasting my time surfing in YouTube to browse lots lots of KPop song (I know you do too ;D), and eventually Mixes and Mash Up. And since then, I found this superb DJ who specially mix and mash KPop songs; DJ Masa. I fell in love with his work, I even wanting to make an UrbanTale Crew vid with one of his work (which the project really haven’t been done till now :'( ). And then I also found SHIMMixes, who also make cool mixes from KPop songs. SHIMMixes still continously give new mix from time to time, while DJ Masa hasn’t been publish anything since 1 year ago, which is a shame :(

Buuuut this new year they make a surprise! :D
Is your speaker on? Did you listen to a awesome remix when you enter this blog! You like it? Good?!
I present you DJ Masa & SHIMMixes collabo on Hot KPop 2013, a mash up of 80 songs in one track that mixed nicely!

So here the video of the mix, for you enjoy your new year with in KPop style :)
Watching the vid instead of just listening the audio would be so much better!
So enjoy! And again, Happy New Year! Hope you have a splendid a whole of year ahead of you lovelies!


Links for details update;

For you who want to get to know DJ Masa & ShimMixes;
Follow DJ MASA: http://www.twitter.com/masamixes
Like DJ MASA: http://www.facebook.com/masamixes
Follow SHIMMixes: http://www.twitter.com/shimmixes
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