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Keys Function/Shortcut

Mau jago maen MStar dan pake fungsinya dengan cepat?
Berikut adalah informasi fungsi key yang bisa digunakan dalam game
(Want to play and use all MStar game function like a boss?
Here are keys function/shortcut you can use on game)


Shortcut Dasar (Basic / Chat Shortcuts)  

F1          – Open help window (press again to close)
                  Membuka layar bantuan (pencet lagi untuk menutup)
F2          – Reply last whisper you’ve received
                  Membalas whisper terakhir yang diterima (pencet lagi untuk menutup)
F3          – Open shop window (press again to close)
                   Membuka layar shop (pencet lagi untuk menutup)
F4          – Open your item inventory (press again to close)
                  Membuka inventory barang (pencet lagi untuk menutup)
F5          – Game Ready (press again to cancel)
                  Ready dalam game (pencet lagi untuk membatalkan)
F6          – Change waiting room camera to fixed (press again to set it off)
                  Mengganti mode kamera fix pada waiting room (pencet lagi untuk membatalkan)
F7          – BGM mute (press again to set it off)
                   Mematikan suara BGM (pencet lagi untuk menyalakan)
F8          – BGM Next Track
                   Pindah lagu BGM berikutnya
F9          – Open room list (press again to close)
                   Membuka list room (pencet lagi untuk menutup)
F10       – Open lounge list (press again to close)
                 Membuka list lounge (pencet lagi untuk menutup
F11       – Open messenger window (press again to close)
                 Membuka layar messenger (pencet lagi untuk menutup)
F12       – Open your mailbox (close)
                  Membuka layar inbox (pencet lagi untuk menutup)

Channel/general chat = type something…  press Shift + Enter
Crew chat = type something… press Alt + Enter
Team chat = type something... press Ctrl + Enter (on team mode game)
Arrow keys ↑ / ↓ =  Scroll through the messages in a chat/chat history navigation


Shortcut Lain (Other shortcuts)

Print Screen (Prtsc sysrq) = Capture screen shot
Alt + Prtsc sysrq = Video Recording
Enter+Tab = Move the chat window
Alt + Z = UI collapse
ESC = Close the chat window
Resizing chat window = using mouse pointer click and drag the upper right hand corner of the chat window to reduce or expand the box



Alt + F1  …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F2  …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F3  …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F4  …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F5  …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F6  …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F7  …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F8  …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F9  …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F10…. (u can type anything)

How to set macro:
go to the System Option (down right corner) and select Macro Tab


















Chat Speed  Command 

/CH                    Game chat channels
/C or /G             Crew chat
/T                       Team chatting
/ Private chat channels
/JOIN TITLE        Make a private channel to chat with friends
/EXIT TITLE       Exite private channel exit
/INV nickname  Invited friends to the private channel
/INV nickname  Kick someone from private channels
/W Nickname     Whisper
/R                      Last reply Whisper
/1                      (No. 1 by them -Meeting Mode Whisperl)
/2                      (Reason No. 2 to – Meeting Mode Whisper)


Photos tutorials:


MStar Tutorial (Use Google Chrome to auto translate):

credits to: EunHon, mayangfi

MStar Game’s Basic Tutorial Video