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Heart Event (Sept 4 – Oct 2, 2012)

There’s another Heart Event just started per today
Remember the Sponsor Hitz Gadget event? (see here for reference https://urbantalecrew.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/a-whole-new-experience/)
The rules are basically the same
It will going on starting today Sept 4th  until Oct 2nd, but until then you can claim a lot of prizes by collecting hearts in game

Here’s how to collect hearts;
1. Everytime you login in game each day you get 1 heart
2. Everytime you play a game in any mode you’ll get 1 heart
3. New character making within the period also get 1 heart

Collect the heart, send it and use it to claim prizes in here;

And here are the steps to get and claim the prizes;


Go to http://mstar.mygame.in.th/movement/activity_20120904_1.asp click the yellow button and it will lead you to the login page. Login using Ini3 ID or your facebook id


After that you will enter the info page that shows you how many hearts you’ve sent to play the lottery game to get the prize. Click the green button to enter the game.



Just click the handle to get your prize. Each turn would need 5 hearts. After your prize showed up, just click the pink button.
You can try many times as long you have enough hearts to do it. Remember 5 hearts for each turn.
And after you’ve finished playing, just click the green button on the left.
Green (left) is for exiting the game, while the orange (right) button is for logging out from the game activity.


After exiting the game you will enter again the information page, what prizes that you have got. Don’t forget to claim it by clicking the green button on each item so that it would showed up on your inventory. After you’ve finished, you can log out by clicking the orange button.

And here’s are the prizes that you can get;

So there, you can do this everyday, with 1 time login chance for each day also.
For more info you can check the event activity website:

Good luck!!! ^^

MStar Creative Contest Season 1

Punya ide menarik untuk MStar? Baju, lagu, item lain, stage, atau apapun juga yang kiranya menarik dan bisa dimasukkan ke fitur MStar di masa depan?
Ini3 mengadakan kontest untuk itu, siapapun yang punya ide original yang menarik bisa ikutan.
Caranya ikutan?

1. Kirim ide kreatif kamu, jika berupa desain item, jangan lupa sertakan gambar desainnya. Jika terpilih, akan dipakai oleh GM (dan mungkin sedikit dimodifikasi) untuk disertakan dalam update MStar.

2. Kirim ide kreatif kamu lewat email ke gm@ini3.co.th
Jangan lupa sertakan kontak kamu yang lengkap biar bisa dihubungi kembali.

3. Ide harus kreatif, original (asli dan bukan jiplakan dari karya orang lain), tanpa ada unsur vulgar, berbau ras, atau menyinggung

Kontes ini berakhir sampai dengan 31 Januari 2012
Ayo ikutan dan semoga beruntung! ^^


Pengumuman Resmi di Forum Ini3

.          .          .          .          .

You have a creative idea for MStar? Clothes, songs, other items, stage or anything interesting that might be used in MStar Update?
Ini3 hold a contest for it, anyone who have original interesting ideas could participate.
How to participate?

1. Send your creative ideas, if it’s an item with design, don’t forget to send your drawings too. If your creative ideas is chosen, it would be used by GM (and perhaps modified) to be one of the content of MStar future update.

2. Send it through email to gm@ini3.co.th
Don’t forget to attach your contact info so they could contact you back.

3. Your ideas must be creative, original (not a copy from others work), shouldn’t be vulgar, obscene or racist.

The contest will end on January 31, 2012
Go participate, and good luck! ^^

Official Forum Announcement