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Update on February 7, 2012 – Valentine

Update hari ini ga gitu banyak, mungkin untuk menyambut hari Valentine sebagian besar ngerubah sistem cincin couple dimana player bisa upgrade cincin couplenya berdasarkan level couple…

Tanpa banyak komen, cek update yang dikasih untuk hari ini…
Enjoy ^^

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Today’s update is not much,  mostly it upgrades the ring couple systems and allow couples to upgrade their ring based on their couple level, perhaps it’s because Valentine’s day is near…

In no further comments here are the updates available…
Enjoy ^^

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new songs
Couple ring upgrade (available on couple shop to buy
either silver or plastic ring will work as long as your
couple level fit to make the ring buyable)
1. Gold (available for couple level 4)
2. Sapphire (available for couple level 8)
3. White Gold (available for couple level 4)
4. Emerald (available for couple level 8)

girl items

boy items