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No Update on MStar TH :( but Early Update News for MStar TW :D

This is quite a sad day for MStar TH players, unfortunately today,
the maintenance day, they didn’t give any updates like usual :(
this is kinda a shock, since this is the first time it happened like this O_O
But hopefully better update will come soon on the next update schedule :)
Keep playing and have fun ^^

Mean whileeeee… we got early info of the updates for MStar TW tomorrow :O
Includes the events (yes they got 7 of them with various and lots of prizes ^O^)

And this month theme of MStar TW is BIG BANG!

Yep, everything about our beloved no. 1 KPop Band BIG BANG

For more details go to the Official Events Info from Garena MStar Webpage:
Or check our thread of the event in English:
(oh you need to register to login to the forum ^^)

Yes our updates and event or quest guide will be in the forum now, so lets join :P

Meanwhile I give you the sneak preview video of this month theme,
and be sure to check out the real cover dance of Fantastic Baby in the video which is freekin awesome!

Cheers!!! ^^

Update on June 26, 2012 – A Whole New Experience on MStar Thai

For this recent update, all I can say is: Awesome!
It’s not the kind of update that you normally get,
this time they give us a lot of new things that most of the players could be happy about;

1. New Interface Outlook
2. New Fashion Items with Big Bang fashion set items (welcoming their  world concert tour)
3. New Song of course
4. Twinkle Couple System
5. New Tutorial System
6. New System NPC Search
7. New NPC: Miss Sponsor
8. New Main & Daily Quest
9. MStar Runway Stage Bonus Points
10. MStar Go Together Event (Sponsor) 

Well ain’t that alot?! LOL

Some of the new feature is still explored but for more details about the new update, check the description below, might be updated while we’re exploring these new cool updates.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new experience on MStar Thailand!
Happy MStaring, and have fun ^o^/~

.            .            .            .            .

New RTP update 26 Juni 2012

New Dressing Room Interface Outlook


Big Bang Fashion Set

For this update MStar gives you Big Bang style fashion items inspired by their on going world concert tour.
Wear the fashion items and feels the K-Pop superstar feeling in Big Bang style and walking action


New Songs

  1. ธอไม่ขอก็จะรัก Feat. TJ 3.2.1 – Black Jack // http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yc8eTs2XoI
  2. แอ๊บ – Zom&Atom // http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCUHBGALYqI


Twinkle Couple System

This is a new couple system where you will be randomly matched automatically with a Mission to complete to the players who were paired together within 1 hour time, if the players accomplished the mission, they will given Silver Ring to proposed or confess their love and become a couple.

  • If you finished the mission and proposed/confess in 1 hour time, the system will give you a gift of Silver Ring and more gifts
  • For requesting for a match, you can turn on the Twinkle Couple and to cancel it just click off the random button
  • Random system will be free for the first couple of days, at the next time after that it will be charged each time with 1 candy [random system is not limited]
  • You can not break the couple you get from Twinkle Couple system until after an hour
  • Players that already have a couple can not use the Twinkle Couple system
  • After you received Silver Ring received, you can only propose/confess to the couple you matched from the Twinkle Couple system and can not be use to propose/confess to another

New Tutorial System

The new tutorial system will be shown at the first time you log in to the game. In this new system the duration of the dance is longer (about 2 minutes) and you can choose the level of difficulty of the song. When you access this new tutorial system for the first time you will be given the Floded White Angel Wing free with the duration of 7 days.

  • This New Tutorial System will be available on the first time you log in after updating the new patch
  • Players can enter again this new training mode  at Lobby> Mushroom> NPC Liz, but with no gift after the first time you play the new tutorial system


NPC Search System

Now you can find NPC more easy with this new system without running around lobbys to find them for finishing a quest


New NPC: Miss Sponsor

New lovely new NPC named Miss. Sponsor
She will be at Muchroom Lobby, players can come and talk to her to win a sponsor quest for MStar Go Together Event

New Main & Daily Quest

For this new patch the quest are updated and are divided into four types:

1. Main Quest
This quest are done based on the players level required to activate and finished the quest.
The quest will be gradual (ascending)
The main quest that you’ve completed will remain and you will continuing the next quest you haven’t completed/added by the new update.
2. Secondary Quest
A simple quest that can be done at any time, you can activate 2 secondary quest at 1 time
3. Daily Quest
A daily quest where you can activate it by visiting NPCs at the lobby
The quest will be randomly changed at 04.00 AM everyday. You need to log off before 04.00 AM and relog again after 04.10 AM to get a new set of daily quest
4. Romance Quest
The quest for the Twinkle Couple
If you don’t have a Twinkle Couple (don’t have a couple or have a regular couple and not from the Twinkle Couple system) you won’t be able to see this quest

Note: If the prize is the clothing. You can click the mouse over the item that is not immediately available.


.            .            .            .            .




.            .            .            .            .


See The Tutorial on this link :


Runway Stage Bonus – Sponsor Buffer

Play the game using the MStar Runway Stage and get bonus of EXP and M-Point +25% while playing on 2 hours
Will be available from June 26 to July 10, 2012

Get sponsor buffer from miss sponsor by clicking the middle button after clicking on miss sponsor body. u can get sponsor buffer every 2 hours.



Sponsor Hitz Gadget

Get the chance to win cool gadgets and game items by playing this even spinning wheel.
Using the golden hearts you get from finishing quest from Ms. Sponsor or by logging in or creating character for the first time,
you will be able to play the spinning wheel and win those cool prizes.

How to:

  1. Send the golden hearts you’ve gain on game
  2. Go to this site: http://event.mygame.in.th/mstar/201206_MstarHitsGadget/login.asp
  3. Login and then spin the wheel


  • Each spin cost 5 golden hearts
  • You can spin as many as you can with the golden hearts you have, but you can only login 1 time/day to spin the wheel
  • To claim the prize you get, log of from the event (click orange button), and then log back in,.. then click green button to get the items
  • The team have the right to award only those registered with Ini3 Visa ID or Facebook Account, with the real and right information
  • For prizes valued at more than 1,000 players will have to pay tax at a cost of 5%
  • The staff reserves the right to change details without prior notice. The staff’s decision is final.
  • More info on how to, rules and prizes go to: http://mstar.mygame.in.th/SMGT/index.asp

For more info about the new updates: