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MStar Taiwan

Installing Client & Messenger

This is kinda basic, but still essential. For you who wanting to try to play and have no idea where to start, here we go;

1. Go to Garena Taiwan website, and download the installer downloader.
It’s the one with the green arrow :). And here’s the website link;http://mstar.garena.tw/man/download/download1.php

If you look at the screenshot above, the links circled red is the link to download the installer file downloader; it’s about 2,5 Mb and when you run it, you will the installer file.
While the link circled blue is the link to download the installer file with the size of about 2,5GB.
And those links circled purple are the patches to patch manually.
Tts a simple process since Garena gives us a great way to install without hustle in just a click away :D
But you can choose to pause the download. Or after downloading the installer stop the installing process, move the installer and install it elsewhere.
With the client you will also installed Garena Messenger, which you need to launch the client or do autopatch.

2. Registering a Garena user Id
Go to Garena website http://www.garena.com/ and just register, it’s a simple process.
You can login right away after you finished registering, and whatever Garena region you were registering your ID it won’t make a difference, since all IDs are global.

3. Loging In
Just login to Garena Messenger, change the language and also change the regional setting to Taiwan for MStar Taiwan launcher to show, and have fun playing :D
On how to just see the screenshot below:

.             .             .             .             .

I hope that would help :D
Oh right, we’re planning to make a clan on Garena Messenger for the group also,
for use to chat or discuss about things easier, it’s still on process, we’ll let you updated
So for now, Have fun! ^^

PS: Big thanks to Granxy for the helps about MStar Taiwan and also the screenshot of Garena Messenger *O*
Thx to Leo Ang for the download links screenshot
edited for download links info and portable client tips

Baca langkah-langkah installasi dengan baik dan perlahan
(Read the installation steps carefully)
Trust Me It Works

1. Download Garena Plus
Garena Plus

2. Register Garena Member

3. Instal and login to garena plus

4. Open setting, change region to Taiwan and language to english
Picture Guide

5. After change region to taiwan and language to english, you need need to relogin garena plus

6. Check your garena plus update (Before login click Check for Update)

7. Click mstar icon and click Instal Mstar

8. Garena plus automatically download the Mstar instaler (If instaler) or Mstar downloader (If downloader)

9. After clear, automatically downloader open, Change download location and start download (If garena plus download the mstar instaler skip this step)

10. Open mstar instaler, Change instal location and instal it

11. After instal complete, Open garena plus again, Click mstar icon and start update (If need to update)

12. Click start mstar, Enjoy it

Don’t worry about error downloading / slow internet connection.. Garena have a good server.. You can enjoy your download like a local connection (I download on indowebster have 1,8mb/s and to Garena server 700 – 800 kb/s)

If you have any question or error post with error picture on this thread.. I try to solve your problem..

Thanks and enjoy
Garena Plus: granxy
Taiwan Mstar: Granxy
Korea Mstar: Granxy
Thailand Mstar: Granxy


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