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Welcoming 2014 with an Awesome KPop Mix


I guess the picture already said it all :P
But yes, nevertheless Happy New Year to all of you!

No, in this post I won’t give details about update… Uhmm maybe I will, just a minor details, kay? I’ll try to sum it in one line-ish… :P

MStar Thai Music Collection is updated and they also added 20ish new song which some of it is not really ‘new’ and quite familiar, MStar TW update today give 2 new songs and like usual mall items and 1 on going event, while MStar Singapore update give 4 new songs, alot of mall items (when I said alot, its ALOT, like usual).
There! It’s quite short explanation eh? No? :/ Oh well *shrugs*
You can see links for update details on the bottom of this post :D

Neways, related to New Year and this game we love, which means also KPop, I wanna tell you a bit of a story before I give you what I intented to present. I love MStar, I love KPop, I love wasting my time surfing in YouTube to browse lots lots of KPop song (I know you do too ;D), and eventually Mixes and Mash Up. And since then, I found this superb DJ who specially mix and mash KPop songs; DJ Masa. I fell in love with his work, I even wanting to make an UrbanTale Crew vid with one of his work (which the project really haven’t been done till now :'( ). And then I also found SHIMMixes, who also make cool mixes from KPop songs. SHIMMixes still continously give new mix from time to time, while DJ Masa hasn’t been publish anything since 1 year ago, which is a shame :(

Buuuut this new year they make a surprise! :D
Is your speaker on? Did you listen to a awesome remix when you enter this blog! You like it? Good?!
I present you DJ Masa & SHIMMixes collabo on Hot KPop 2013, a mash up of 80 songs in one track that mixed nicely!

So here the video of the mix, for you enjoy your new year with in KPop style :)
Watching the vid instead of just listening the audio would be so much better!
So enjoy! And again, Happy New Year! Hope you have a splendid a whole of year ahead of you lovelies!


Links for details update;

For you who want to get to know DJ Masa & ShimMixes;
Follow DJ MASA: http://www.twitter.com/masamixes
Like DJ MASA: http://www.facebook.com/masamixes
Follow SHIMMixes: http://www.twitter.com/shimmixes
Like SHIMMixes: http://facebook.com/SHIMMixes

Girls Bring The Boys Out~

If you haven’t know, one of our member YenZhu looooooooovesss to record videos on MStar xD
And since we love to be a part of it xD lots of video already made,
One of it is this one, this was recorded last night

So here I present you, cute girls from UrbanTale (yes, one of it is my char, sssshhh! lol)
Doing The Boys dance moves~
And it looked fab!

Girls bring the boys out~

PS: Ohhh don’t forget, tomorrow is MStar Thai update, and Wednesday is for MStar Taiwan

This Oppas are Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style is became the latest fever
Gangnam Style everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

Recent updates on MStar TH & MStar TW also gives you Gangnam Style dance cover

Even these Oppas are also Gangnam Styling~
Check out Uchiiboy & Granxy making the moves~

Wanna join? :P

MStar Tw Update for Sept 19, 2012: The Avengers in Gangnam Style

This time update on MStar Tw is; The Avengers in Gangnam Style :D

At this update they give us The Avengers clothes item and update on Gangnam Style real dance cover

Here’s the recap of today’s update:

– 3 new songs
– Update bug on Alone – Sistar
– New actions (Avengers actions & couple action)
– New Item on Shop (Avengers theme, etc.)
– Update real dance cover of Gangnam Style!!!
(but too bad no Gangnam Style dance action book to buy :P)
– MStar Moon Event
I havent figure out what’s the event is about, but I think its related on login activity, for details (in mandarin xD):

Plus there’s a discount of 50% for swimsuit items and nude shirt :3

If you wanna check the details of updates and events with screenshot, go to our update forum;
Yes, we are developing IndoMStar forum, and because of that, updates, technical probs in details will be mainly focused in there,
while this blog will only share a glimps info and more to light stuf about the game and UrbanTale
So if you need details info, we recommend you to visit the forum
And you are all welcome to join to the forum ^^

So for now, take a look of a preview video of today’s update,
its kinda funny seeing IronMan, Black Widow and Psy doing Gangnam Style together xD

Cheers!!! and Enjoy! :D

We laugh together, We care for each other & We’re still here

What kept me staying in the game and keep doing stuff (group & blog) is the crew.
Among other crews, I believe UrbanTale is among a few that has a good crew atmosphere and  close member-to-member relationship.
It’s not only a crew, it’s a family.

In its almost 1 year of age, of course there’s been hardships and problems aside of its  good times inside the crew,
but we still stick together. Well but this is my own opinion of course :P

Friends come and go. Some went out of the crew which often sadden us,
some were still  around and still could go hang out with in game,
some new friends joined and bring new fun,
nevertheless, we stick to each other, we comfort each other,
we laugh together, we care for  each other and we’re still here.

in pre OBT Times

In attempt of making a Happy New Year Greetings xD

Once someone posted a picture in the group of a crew gathering in the lobby wearing the
same themed clothes and saying; “When would UrbanTale do something like this?”,
and my answer only was; “Heck we’ve done it before, and long way back before they did”,
which is kinda true.

Eventho lately its been quiet, some friends seldom seen online, doing their real life business,
some we could only meet them outside the game, or started to play another game, but we’re still hang on.
There are some bounds that just you can’t break easily.

So yes, these are the things that keep me still hang on, keep UrbanTale still going on, and we proud of it :)

Anyhooo, enough for the sentimental thoughts xD
These are some cool videos that proves what I said, always forgot to published this ._.
and actually I did make some before these videos were made,
I just hadn’t have the time to upload it xD
Perhaps in the near future I will upload it :P

But for now, enjoy the cool videos

PS: This is one of some video that I love so much, why? Because we did so much effort making it and it turned out great xD LOL
Was hoping I could continue the crew project video tho, that would be great ><
Thank you YenZhu for the videos :D

Update for May 22, 2012


New Songs

In The Dark – Dev

Hoi hoi – Rainbow Pixie

Update for May 8, 2012

Well, so far no patch to download.
But they add 2 new songs :3


Beautiful – Beast

2012 (It Ain’t The End) – Jay Sean feat. Niki Minaj

. . .c.h.a.t.f.l.y. . .