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Welcoming 2014 with an Awesome KPop Mix


I guess the picture already said it all :P
But yes, nevertheless Happy New Year to all of you!

No, in this post I won’t give details about update… Uhmm maybe I will, just a minor details, kay? I’ll try to sum it in one line-ish… :P

MStar Thai Music Collection is updated and they also added 20ish new song which some of it is not really ‘new’ and quite familiar, MStar TW update today give 2 new songs and like usual mall items and 1 on going event, while MStar Singapore update give 4 new songs, alot of mall items (when I said alot, its ALOT, like usual).
There! It’s quite short explanation eh? No? :/ Oh well *shrugs*
You can see links for update details on the bottom of this post :D

Neways, related to New Year and this game we love, which means also KPop, I wanna tell you a bit of a story before I give you what I intented to present. I love MStar, I love KPop, I love wasting my time surfing in YouTube to browse lots lots of KPop song (I know you do too ;D), and eventually Mixes and Mash Up. And since then, I found this superb DJ who specially mix and mash KPop songs; DJ Masa. I fell in love with his work, I even wanting to make an UrbanTale Crew vid with one of his work (which the project really haven’t been done till now :'( ). And then I also found SHIMMixes, who also make cool mixes from KPop songs. SHIMMixes still continously give new mix from time to time, while DJ Masa hasn’t been publish anything since 1 year ago, which is a shame :(

Buuuut this new year they make a surprise! :D
Is your speaker on? Did you listen to a awesome remix when you enter this blog! You like it? Good?!
I present you DJ Masa & SHIMMixes collabo on Hot KPop 2013, a mash up of 80 songs in one track that mixed nicely!

So here the video of the mix, for you enjoy your new year with in KPop style :)
Watching the vid instead of just listening the audio would be so much better!
So enjoy! And again, Happy New Year! Hope you have a splendid a whole of year ahead of you lovelies!


Links for details update;

For you who want to get to know DJ Masa & ShimMixes;
Follow DJ MASA: http://www.twitter.com/masamixes
Like DJ MASA: http://www.facebook.com/masamixes
Follow SHIMMixes: http://www.twitter.com/shimmixes
Like SHIMMixes: http://facebook.com/SHIMMixes

Merry Christmas and an Early Happy New Year Greeting

Years goes by, and now we’re at the end of 2013.
I know we all have ups and downs in the past 2013, awful time but also glorious days.
But nevertheless in the coming year I do hope we have a blasting a whole year ahead of us :)

And since it’s holiday, and peeps often plan things IRL to do stuff including me (or play more games lol), I might be temporary off, enjoying my holiday :P

So in this brief post, I just wanna say to all of you gorgeous people on behalf of UrbanTale;

May you always be blessed, with walls for the wind, a roof for the rain, a warm cup of tea by the fire.
A laughter to cheer you, those you love near you.
And all your heart might desire :)



with love, chatfly…

ScreenShots_ 2013-12-25 14-10-18-166

Updated for October 16, 2012


1. Pumpkin Item until 20 Oct (Permanent 1.000.000) 20 Buah Model
2. Gift Dog Ke Couple (4.000.000 MPoint) Dapat 200.000 Heart
3. New Dance Cover (This Is War) (Hit U) (Know Your Name)* (Mr.Taxi) (Fiction) (Shock)
4. New song (Fine fine Fine)* (Oh)



http://patch.mstar.in.th/Patch/NURIENPATCH1075.RTP (59.2 Mb)
http://patch.mstar.in.th/Patch/NURIENPATCH1076.RTP (7.3 Mb)


House Items

Fashion Items

Thanks to :

Anna a.k.a Chubby
Ario a.k.a Rando/Hubby
Thomas a.k.a York/Mr.Pinky

More Updates on Our Forum and Our Group


Hello people, I hope you have a good day today :)
Anyways I’ll make this quick, since the author of this blog is only me and mayangfi,
And both of us is kinda and will be occupied with IRL matters,
so I don’t think we could update often in this blog for now :(
This is just temporary, and I hope wont take long

But fear not!
If you need any help, about installation, about quest, or perhaps looking for song on the game, or any thing MStar related that you need help, just go visit our facebook group or our forum, in there there would be more people that willing to help :)
The group mainly speaks in Indonesian, but go ahead mingle and use English since most are capable also in speaking English
That includes the forum, which some of it threads are member only where you need to register first to enter (fill in the form bla bla bla activate by email, done! easy right? :D)

So anyways, will be seeing you again soon hopefully
And have fun in MStar :)

Our Facebook Group:

Our Forum:






MStar Th Update for Sept 25, 2012

Here, the sneak preview;

Three new songs added;

1. Lovey Dovey – T-Ara (real dance cover)
2. Gara Gara Go! – Big Bang (jap ver.)
3. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson

No, RTP files/manual updates to download,
just wait for the maintenance to finished (14.00 PM, Bangkok time)
and enjoy the game :D

Official MStar th update info: http://mstar.mygame.in.th/movement/update_20120925_1.asp

Or, for more details for the updates or events,
check it out on our forum: http://indomstar.forumid.net/
(p.s.: some forum need member access to look at :p)
We’ll be focusing on updates, event guide, or more details info in the forum xP

For now, enjoy the updates ;)


This Oppas are Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style is became the latest fever
Gangnam Style everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

Recent updates on MStar TH & MStar TW also gives you Gangnam Style dance cover

Even these Oppas are also Gangnam Styling~
Check out Uchiiboy & Granxy making the moves~

Wanna join? :P

MStar Thai Update for Sept 18, 2012

Another Tuesday, another update ^^
But this time, it’s Gangnam Style

As they promised, the Gangnam Style cover dance was released to day for you to enjoy
They even provide the dance actions for you to buy :o

Aside the update on Gangnam Style real dance cover, today’s update is also include these songs;

Boys – SNSD (Jap. Ver with real dance cover)
Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls (real dance cover)
Dirty Party – 3.2.1

Which I found funtastic, since I think it’s the first time they update 3 real dance cover at the same time *O*d
Oh aside that, the real dance is awesome, and long and I love Boys – SNSD dance cover ><
Yay Ini3, way to go! xD

so, here’s the RTP files that you need to download for manual patching: