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Updates: MStar TH, TW & SG on 2nd week of December

Just a brief heads up of MStar updates this week on Thailand, Taiwan & Singapore Server!

All with jolly spirit that welcome the coming Christmas ^^



Last Tuesday update (131218) gives you some cool items on the game;

1. New songs:

  • Undercover by Selena Gomez
  • You Are Special by Boy Republic
  • Thank You For Your Love by Kamikaze


2. 70 new mall items INCLUDING more LED Fashion item on shop, for the Sexy Club Party that still going on and gonna end on the 24th of December


For more info about the update, you can click HERE


While on Taiwan server in today update they’ve added;

1. New Songs

  •  INFINITE – Chaser
  • BY2 – sided Daji

2. New Mall items

  • 40 Christmas theme decoration and wallpaper for your home
  • 36 new clothing items
  • 45 accessories items

all in Christmas theme! And better watch out, some of the items are limited, you won’t find it again after the next maintenance.

Pic_138726148752afee2f2dad7For more info on the updates, you can check it HERE


Again with the Christmas theme, today update on Singapore server gives you;

1. New songs

  • NoNoNo by Apink
  • Bloom by Ga-in
  • My oh My by SNSD
  • All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

2. 114 new items with Christmas special theme, and again some of it will only be available till January 2nd


3. New game design, where you can find a big christmas tree now in the lounge.

and last but not least;
4. Christmas Event including a login giveaway~

For more details. click HERE

Okay thats alot!
So, already feeling the christmas vibe now?
Happy MStaring people with a jolly spirit of holiday and Christmas!


* all pictures are courtesy of MStar Garena Taiwan, MStar Club Thailand, MStar Garena Singapore

A Club Party at TH (with holiday Freebies)

Yesterday, MStar TH suspiciously gave an early small patch update to download.
And turned out, they gave a sneek peek of what’s to come in TH. If you guys have logging in yesterday and went to Mushroom Lounge, you will know what I mean :D


And that would be; SEXY CLUB PARTY event!

MStar TH will added a LED theme clothes item on today update patch they said, and with that you can get freebies in this event.
Wear the LED clothes on stage and you’ll get a random box with various reward :D
This event will start today at 02.00 PM and ends on 24th December on 09.00 PM TH time.
Cool LED clothes, in a cool different ambience on the lounge plus event freebies are pretty much exciting (>o<).


Oh in additional, since it’s near holiday, they also give some freebies on the Holiday Event :O
Just log in today, and you’ll get free clothes item!


So brace yourself for today update, and have fun on MStar TH tonight! :D


*screenshot’s property of Janz, thx Janz!

오랜만이다 Ohrenmaniya!

Long time no see!

Yeah it’s been quite a while since the last post of this blog. Well, the reason why is like usual, RL thingy, and no one else is willing to be admin to this blog, yes up till now :/

So yes, forgive us for not posting anything for those who usually keeping up with UrbanTale blog. And fear not, I will try to start posting again, eventhou it may not be often, but hey better than nothing :D

Well, for the recap; We have MStar Singapore server now! Meaning, ENGLISH INTERFACE people! YAYNESS!
But then, TH Server still have lots of fun, since it has more songs (oh cool western songs too :O) compared to Taiwan and Singapore. I will neglect a bit the Korean server, since not many play it :P

For a note, since Singapore server was online, more and more Indonesian play it, more people joined the IndoMStar group and then voila, more Indonesian crew appeared and that makes MStar a bit more interesting with the variety of indo crew, isn’t it nice? :D Eventhough honestly it kinda uhmm.. annoy me a bit, for UrbanTale being not the only indo crew now :P Oh mind that, I’m just mumbling and being a bit evilly possesive >:D

Anyways, about the game, MStar Singapore just added a new mode; Superstar Mode with new quests. And also of course, the event that comes with it. So the players in MStar Singapore can be a bit satisfied with the new big update for now, since mostly at each updates they only gave new items and not songs (really, it lacks cool songs D:).

Superstar Mode SG

Superstar Mode SG Server

So the guys at UrbanTale atm is a bit in hype for the Superstar Mode in Singapore.

Oh don’t forget also the new VIP room features in Taiwan that has just been updated last week, that makes some of us went back to play MStar Taiwan again. The VIP room is actually a special room where they have bar, jaccuzzi, DJ at the waiting room. Talking about club luxury D:
One can access it if the Room Master have the VIP status though. So if a friend of yours got one, stick to him/her :P
While the gameplay itself, no matter what mode you play, there will be a roulete of various effect for the player at the beginning of the game, which makes the gameplay more fun. Thailand server already have this update weeks ago, but since most UrbanTale left TH and play TW instead, they make fuss about it just now :P

So now, some UrbanTalers are enjoying SG for the Superstar Mode, some still at TW for its VIP Room features, some gone back to TH server for its songs, some busy with RL, some still busy trolling other folks, some still single, some got back being single and the rest is nowhere to be found in the dark abbyss of the world~


Anyways, that’s all for now for the recap. I see you when I have more interesting thing (or time xD) to post. Or perhaps if I’m lucky; a new admin or contributor :P
See yaaaa! O/



* VIP Room screenshot’s property of Feilu

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