We Dance To Tell The Tale

Holiday Greetings! Yes, update time people…

Heyaaaa… I’m back again bringing you the recap of this week MStar update with a jolly holiday spirit :D

But I’ll be brief, so first lets head to MStar Thailand update;


Last Tuesday (131224) MStar Thailand gave a major update on the game, those are;

6 New Songs with mostly Christmast theme;
* All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey ft. Justin Bieber
* Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Justin Bieber
* Last Christmas – Taylor Swift
* Lingua Franca – SNSD
* The Monster – Eminem ft. Rihanna
* Suck It – Vamp


Home Garden Update Season 2, that consist of;
* New flowers to plant on your garden
* Home fairy for your plants
* Planet Stone system, where you can mix your birthstone and make a Planet Stone
* New grand basket, for you to make from birthstone or flowers and plants basket and get special prize
* New 13rd secret birthstone; Pandora


And last but not least; a New Song Collection;
Where you can collect mission on specific songs at a specific level and mode to get more prizes


These new features and grand updates were already been implemented in MStar Taiwan, so for those who have played in TW wont be surprised. But having this in TH is still exciting ^^

For more details on the updates, you can click HERE

Naooo on MSTAR TAIWAN update on 131226 today we got;

New Songs:
● Infinite H – Special Girl (feat. Bumkey)
● SHINee – Queen Of New York

New Mall Items:
● 2 cash pets
● 8 men Candy Accessories
● 32 cash clothing accessories for men and women

Click HERE for more info of the updates

And last but not the least, MStar Singapore update today brings you;
64 for new shop items :P
A heartbreak for those the music lover who play the game, but good news for those who loves to shop …

HERE‘s for the update details

Well last but not least, Enjoy your Holiday, Merry Christmas and Have fun you all :)



* pictures are courtesy of MStar Facebook FanPage

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