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Updates: MStar TH, TW & SG on 2nd week of December

Just a brief heads up of MStar updates this week on Thailand, Taiwan & Singapore Server!

All with jolly spirit that welcome the coming Christmas ^^



Last Tuesday update (131218) gives you some cool items on the game;

1. New songs:

  • Undercover by Selena Gomez
  • You Are Special by Boy Republic
  • Thank You For Your Love by Kamikaze


2. 70 new mall items INCLUDING more LED Fashion item on shop, for the Sexy Club Party that still going on and gonna end on the 24th of December


For more info about the update, you can click HERE


While on Taiwan server in today update they’ve added;

1. New Songs

  •  INFINITE – Chaser
  • BY2 – sided Daji

2. New Mall items

  • 40 Christmas theme decoration and wallpaper for your home
  • 36 new clothing items
  • 45 accessories items

all in Christmas theme! And better watch out, some of the items are limited, you won’t find it again after the next maintenance.

Pic_138726148752afee2f2dad7For more info on the updates, you can check it HERE


Again with the Christmas theme, today update on Singapore server gives you;

1. New songs

  • NoNoNo by Apink
  • Bloom by Ga-in
  • My oh My by SNSD
  • All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

2. 114 new items with Christmas special theme, and again some of it will only be available till January 2nd


3. New game design, where you can find a big christmas tree now in the lounge.

and last but not least;
4. Christmas Event including a login giveaway~

For more details. click HERE

Okay thats alot!
So, already feeling the christmas vibe now?
Happy MStaring people with a jolly spirit of holiday and Christmas!


* all pictures are courtesy of MStar Garena Taiwan, MStar Club Thailand, MStar Garena Singapore

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