We Dance To Tell The Tale

Updated for October 16, 2012


1. Pumpkin Item until 20 Oct (Permanent 1.000.000) 20 Buah Model
2. Gift Dog Ke Couple (4.000.000 MPoint) Dapat 200.000 Heart
3. New Dance Cover (This Is War) (Hit U) (Know Your Name)* (Mr.Taxi) (Fiction) (Shock)
4. New song (Fine fine Fine)* (Oh)



http://patch.mstar.in.th/Patch/NURIENPATCH1075.RTP (59.2 Mb)
http://patch.mstar.in.th/Patch/NURIENPATCH1076.RTP (7.3 Mb)


House Items

Fashion Items

Thanks to :

Anna a.k.a Chubby
Ario a.k.a Rando/Hubby
Thomas a.k.a York/Mr.Pinky

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