We Dance To Tell The Tale

More Updates on Our Forum and Our Group


Hello people, I hope you have a good day today :)
Anyways I’ll make this quick, since the author of this blog is only me and mayangfi,
And both of us is kinda and will be occupied with IRL matters,
so I don’t think we could update often in this blog for now :(
This is just temporary, and I hope wont take long

But fear not!
If you need any help, about installation, about quest, or perhaps looking for song on the game, or any thing MStar related that you need help, just go visit our facebook group or our forum, in there there would be more people that willing to help :)
The group mainly speaks in Indonesian, but go ahead mingle and use English since most are capable also in speaking English
That includes the forum, which some of it threads are member only where you need to register first to enter (fill in the form bla bla bla activate by email, done! easy right? :D)

So anyways, will be seeing you again soon hopefully
And have fun in MStar :)

Our Facebook Group:

Our Forum:






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