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MStar Taiwan: Portable Client Tips (How To)

As I mention before in the previous post about Info and Tips about installing and playing MStar Taiwan that you can see here, quoted;

In the crew and group, theres a lot of amount of people who played in cyber cafe with its deep freeze program, where whenever you restart the computer, any programs installed without the authorization of the administrator will be deleted. While MStar Thailand client can be packed in rar, extract it anywhere and then you can play, MStar Taiwan can’t. Since it is integrated with the Garena Messenger, when you move the client and messenger, you would still have to install it and then patch it whenever you move the client to another computer, since the messenger would read that the client is new and not yet been patched. This kinda bring distressed since it would take quite a while to patch it, and would be a hastle when everytime you wanna play you have to wait for a long time for the patching complete.

I had given a simple tips for how to solve it from Granxy, which is basically the same;

– Install and patch the MStar Taiwan client and Garena Messenger on a computer
– Keep a copy of the freshly patched client (up to date) on your external harddisk or flashdisk as rar file –> THIS IS A MUST
– Keep also the installer on your external harddisk or flashdisk –> THIS IS A MUST ALSO xD
– Install the client and messenger on another computer
– Update the Garena Messenger
– Extract the freshly patched client rar file on that another computer replacing the one that has just been installed
– Voila! Have fun playing :D

And with the help of Natshuko, he made a nice tutorial in Indonesian with screenshot that is easy to understood xD But unfortunately it’s still in Indonesian only :|

You can check the guide in here

Well it’s basically the same, you just need to keep the installer (and perhaps manual patches) on ext hdd or fd, keep a rar file of the client that is always up to date, and before replacing the folder of MStar Taiwan client ALWAYS check that your Garena Messenger are up to date, or else since the client are connected to the messenger, whenever the messenger reads that the client or the messenger are not up to date, it will do update automatically.

And if you have difficulties on autopatch, you can always use the manual patches on MStar Taiwan download website (you’ll just need to run the manual patches and it will auto extract).

We’ll I think that’s just it, hope that helps :D

Oh and don’t forget, tomorrow is MStar Th update, behold Gangnam Style real cover dance moves! xD It’s the 18th :P
I haven’t got any info about other updates on MStar Th, but you can see a sneek peek on updates for MStar Tw on Wednesday xD

So, Have fun dancing
Cheers!!! ^O^

PS: Big Thx to Granxy & Natshuko!

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