We Dance To Tell The Tale

Update for Sept 4, 2012: Oppa is Gangnam Style?

Owhhh look at that!
Psy’s Gangnam Style finally invades MStar Thai too xD

But what’s that? The Cover dance of it will only be updated on the 18th, well we just wait then ;p

Meanwhile they also added Sistar – So Cool with real dance Cover and Rihanna – Where Have You Been

So, here’s the RTP files for today’s manual update;
http://patch.mstar.in.th/Patch/NURIENPATCH1068.RTP (52,4 MB)
http://patch.mstar.in.th/Patch/NURIENPATCH1069.RTP (1,7 MB)

For those who use English Patch always, I said always (I said this like a billion times) to replace the real INT & Thai folder so that you could update with no problem.
If you need the localization folder before the update, you can download it here

Oh right, there’s also some update for these events per today;
– Net Cafe Event
– Heart Event for more info click here
– Login Event starts again: Login to received prizes in an accumulative way

Login Event

And for the rest, go update, wait for the server to go back up again (usually at 02.00 PM) and happy Gangnam Styling ;p

PS: update for items at shops and song screenshot will be updated later
Photo sources: MStar Thai Official Fan Page (https://www.facebook.com/Mstarfan)
Screenshot and in game update thx to Thomas a.k.a York

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