We Dance To Tell The Tale

Update 17 January 2012 – The Land of Han

Waw update baru, MStar Thailand bener-bener emang niat bikin seneng playernya, dan ngejar yg di Korea sana mungkin xD
Apapun alasannya, kami senaaaaang *ketawa jahat*
Liat aja update itemnya di bawah @@
Wow new update, MStar Thailand really is intending to make their players happy, or catch up the one in Korea perhaps xD
Well whatever the reason is, we are happyyyyyy *evil laugh*
Just look at the new items on the update below @@)


Dimana download patchnya? Ini dia:
Where to download the patch? Here you go:)

Manual Patch Update 120117




.         .         .         .         .         .         .

New Song

Thai Songs

 คืนนี้อยากได้กี่ครั้ง – ชิน ชินวุฒ
มีหัวใจแต่ไม่อยากรัก – เป๊ก ปลิตโชค
เขย่า (shake it ah) – 3.2.1
แค่เธอบังคับ – neko jump

Korean Songs

Good Day Season 2 – KARA
Monalisa – MBLAQ

New Item



SS Songlist by : Grimward a.k.a Refa
SS ITem by : khaell a.k.a Rifki

. . .mayangfi…
edited by . . . chatfly. . .

One response

  1. mayangfi

    arigato,. oneechan,.. mwah mwah

    January 17, 2012 at 5:49 PM

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