We Dance To Tell The Tale

The Big Family (kinda :D)

Semalem rame banget, tumben tumbenan banyak yang ol :o
Akhirnya kita sepakat untuk foto rame rame, 13 orang atur posisi di lobby, sampe mendadak terkenal LOL (ada yg nyamperin mau foto bareng, ngajak kenalan, ngajak couple-an, ada yg butuh couple ce thailand? LOL)

Meski kocak dan heboh, akhirnya dapet juga foto bersama yang bagus :))
Makasih buat semua yang udah ikutan dan mau repot motoin, kapan kapan lagi ya~ Dengan member yang lebih banyak lagi tentunya ;) kalo bisa xD
It was fun! ^^

.        .        .        .        .

Last night was out of the ordinary, lots of the crew members went online :o
So, we decided to make a crew SS, 13 people posing in the lobby, and we’re suddenly famous LOL (there are some peeps who wanna take SS with us too, saying hi, asking to become a couple, anyone need a thai girl for a couple? LOL)

Even tho it was hilariously frantic, but we manage to get a good shot :))
Thank youuuuuuuuuu for all members who were participating and willingly to take the SS, let’s do it another time, with more members of course ;) and if its doable xD
It was fun! ^^

One response

  1. woaaaaaaaaa,. miss this moment,.. @,@ not online,. T T holiday on d beach,.. yeak,.. T T

    January 8, 2012 at 1:55 PM

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